The Program

Preschool2We are integrated with TUSD's Explorer's preschool, a program for children with special needs. Each of our two multiage classrooms have up to 22 students each. Each room has a lead teacher and 3 teaching assistants. One of our classrooms focuses on children's development of American Sign Language as it is integrated with a TUSD program for Deaf and Hearing Impaired children.

Our curriculum is child-centered, active and play-based. Our learning environment invites children to participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor experiences focusing on language and literacy development, dramatic play, social studies, visual arts and music, physical and life sciences, mathematics, and block construction.

Academic concepts such as numeracy, phonemic awareness, and handwriting are presented within the context of children's play or introduced as older children show interest and readiness.

We visit the Miles' library weekly to check out books. Children attend a weekly Physical Education class. The music teacher visits us weekly for 45 minutes of music education. Children enjoy a semester-long weekly visual arts lesson with our school's artist-in-residence.

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